May 17, 2022 8.00 pm
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Benefits of VPS Hosting

Affordability and value

Although a VPS usually costs more than shared hosting, it does not cost anywhere close to dedicated hosting. A high-performance VPS does not cost much more than most shared hosting plans on the liquid Web. When you look at the benefits of VPS compared to shared hosting, you can quickly see why a VPS is a great value, especially when you consider managed VPS hosting.


With shared hosting, your site's performance at any given time depends on the number of resources other sites use on the server. Therefore, shared hosts need to be server tested and configured to work with a large selection of website configurations. A virtual private server (VPS) can be set up to work efficiently for your website. However, because of the more specialized configurations, an organization that uses a controlled VPS will focus on hosting benefits such as better performance outside the box.

Dedicated resources

Another benefit of VPS hosting is that your server resources are devoted to your company. A VPS often provides more resources than shared hosting. You do not share CPU, RAM, space, or bandwidth with any other customer.

Access and control

Owners of shared hosting sites have limited control over the software deployed in their environment. Businesses that lease VPS hosting can benefit from running only the required services. For example, if you know your server will not be used for email, you can disable or deactivate services such as Bind or Webmail. In addition, liquid Web grants you root access to your VPS, allowing you to make the necessary changes.


If your site receives a steady stream of traffic as usual during Black Friday promotions, you need to be able to scale your server resources to meet the increasing traffic requirements. Unfortunately, these fluctuations often bring a shared server to a sketching halt, especially if other sites on the server experience the same thing. A VPS is usually able to absorb these spikes, but if your site needs more resources quickly, VPS hosts can upgrade your resources quickly and easily.

Improved security

Shared hosting is the safest hosting option. It is not because shared hosts do not take security seriously. Most shared hosts work hard to keep their systems patched and secure. However, shared hosting security is compromised as more customers log in to the server via Plesk, cPanel, or Inter Worx. In addition, if a user uses or hacks vulnerable passwords, it can jeopardize the entire server.
Additionally, VPS hosting users benefit from virtualization technology to separate data from other users. Finally, tools such as web application firewalls (WAF), spam filters, and other security configurations may be more rigorous than a VPS because they do not have to work in different configurations as a shared server does.


A VPS has many usage cases, such as gaming, email, or project management servers. If you use Word Press Multisite, they will find that large multisite networks require high resources and thus crash into a shared server.

OS and Software Freedom

Some software applications will not run on several shared hosts.
Example. With a VPS, you can usually choose your favourite operating system. You can choose from the best OS options like Ubuntu, Cloud Linux, or Debian. The same may be said for server software.

Long-Term Scalability

As your company expands, you will undoubtedly require additional resources for your website. With a VPS from Liquid Web, you can quickly and easily upgrade to a wider VPS or even an entire bare metal server.